Air Duct Sealing

Are your air ducts resulting in bad air and high energy bills? You didn’t expect this when you installed your HVAC system. But improper placement or damage is likely leading to the current situation. Trust your neighborhood specialists at Texas Choice HVAC for air duct sealing services. By sending our qualified, insured, licensed, and certified personnel to you, we can fix most of the duct sealing problems, which can be resolved by our professionals, thanks to their expertise, experience, and equipment. You may not know, but inadequately sealed ducts can cause the loss of 20 to 30% of the air that passes through your systems. It may not sound harmful, but practically it is. The air leaking through ducts can influence your health and home environment negatively.

Identify the Air Leakage

It is a challenging and complex process as the ductwork has been done in your house, and a single person without professional skills and knowledge can never do it correctly. Even if you try to do so, you will get tired. The leakage identification must be done precisely; otherwise, you cannot resolve the existing problem. And who is capable of doing it perfectly? The professionals. The duct sealing technicians thoroughly inspect your ducts to find visible and subtle issues with your system. The HVAC experts at Texas Choice will seal your ductwork once all the leaks have been found. Here are some factors that can lead to the leakage of air ducts.

When to Seal Your Air Ducts

Get the duct sealing done if you spot any of these

Keep your HVAC System

Running Efficiently

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Prevent the HVAC issues with Duct Sealing

While using the HVAC system, you only think about getting cool or hot air as per your choice. But unfortunately, the Air leakage drowns all your expectations and impedes the HVAC system’s conditioned air from ever reaching your living quarters. That’s why duct sealing is a big deal, as it can do many favors. Get the TexasChoice Heating and Air services in this regard. There you go with the benefits

Offers safety

There can be an extreme possibility that the poisonous gases may release along with the air from your ducts. You can prevent it through sealing. Gases like carbon monoxide can be lethal to a great extent for your health. Besides this your indoor air quality also becomes good.

Efficiency Boost

The efficiency of the HVAC system improves when it doesn’t have to do overwork.

Balanced Temperature

There will be no variation in temperature, and your room will attain the temperature of your choice perfectly.

Brings down your bills

As the air will remain in the ducts after sealing, the system won’t have to work harder, and eventually, there will be no rise in bills, and if there is any, then it will be reduced.

The indoor comfort increases

With the duct sealing, and there will be no hot & cold spots in your house, providing you with a highly comfortable environment.

Peace of mind for you and your family.

Texas Choice HVAC has been repairing AC systems for more than 10 years. We want you to be cool and comfortable, and we’ll guarantee any repairs we make through a one-year warranty.

Schedule Your Air Duct Sealing with us

Leaking of air from ducts is like bleeding, and what happens in case of severe conditions? The persons die; this phenomenon also applies to your HVAC system. Leaving it on leakage can be dangerous for your system and the family. The Texas Choice brings you the best air duct sealing facilities to save your system from dying. Our experts with superior quality skills inspect your ducts properly and then exquisitely fix them. You can discuss all the options and situations with our techs, whether it’s about the service or budget. Try us once, and you will fall in love with our service.

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